Client – Self employed KiwiSaver Scenario

Client – Self employed Scenario

Jonny joined KiwiSaver once he realised that the Government was going to help out with his savings, no matter if he earned money via a salary or not. Denis explained that most workers contribute either  2%, 4% or 8% out of their salary but if you aren’t paid via PAYE you can put in whatever you like. Jonny puts in $20 as that is the maximum the Government will match him with member tax credits.

 What do you like about KiwiSaver Jonny? I didn’t want to miss out on what everyone else gets with KiwiSaver. I like that I have the freedom to put in whatever I like into my account. My business is my main focus at the moment but it’s good to know I’ll have a nest egg for when I do get older.

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