Travel Insurance

Travelling overseas should be an exciting time, and we want you to enjoy a stress-free journey. With the right Travel Insurance in place, you know you’re covered in case things take an unexpected turn. Talk to us about great value Travel Insurance that cover a world of possibilities. Options can include:

  • Lost luggage, personal belongings, money, and documents
  • Medical and related expenses
  • Disrupted travel.
  • Your liability and legal costs, including the excess applicable to your rental vehicles.
  • Unexpected events such as hijacks, terrorism, and search and rescue.

When to purchase your Travel Insurance?

We recommend you purchase Travel Insurance cover as soon as you purchase your ticket/s as unforeseen circumstances could prevent you from travelling.


Real life stories about Travel Insurance . . . . .

  • Alice and Dave were retired. They were both in good health and decided to take a trip to Australia. They nearly didn’t take out any Travel Insurance, but on the day before they were due to leave Alice contacted us and took out a policy.  Three days into their holiday Dave had a stroke and sadly, he died.  The insurer took care of the arrangements and flew Alice back, on the same plane with Dave’ body. It cost $12,000, which was covered by her policy. Later, Alice commented on the three things that meant the most to her about travel insurance. These were that nothing was a bother, that she could come home with Dave and that there was a lovely bunch of flowers waiting for her.  She didn’t have any savings to meet unforeseen circumstances. She was very grateful that they had spent so little to get so much.
  • Another regular traveller got to England to find his bags weren’t on the same flight. They weren’t going to arrive for another 24 hours either.  He quickly availed himself of the “delayed, misdirected or misplaced” section of his policy and got up to $1,500 for the purchase of essential personal effects and clothing.
  • Then there was Mark, a gentleman who was at a rugby match in Fiji when the grandstand collapsed.  He was fine but he lost his camera in the rubble.

We’ve all heard stories about the price of medical care, particularly in the USA.  Please think twice before leaving New Zealand and make sure you have the right Travel Insurance in place.

Contact us for a quote. We’ll tailor it to the duration of your travel and the countries you plan to visit. We recommend you have cover in place from the day you pay for your tickets to cover the many unforeseen incidents that could prevent you from travelling.

Customer duty of disclosure
The insurance process requires that you tell us about anything you know, or ought to know, that may affect the decision of a prudent insurer about whether to accept your insurance, or renew your policy, and if so, on what terms. If you have not disclosed all material information, or if you have misrepresented that information, then an insurer is entitled to cancel the policy retrospectively from the beginning.
In simple terms, please tell us about any convictions, traffic offences and claims or other material information and keep us informed, so we can make sure your policies are valid at all times.

To talk to us about your Travel Insurance requirements. Simply click here to email us, or call us on (04) 528 8088.