Life Insurance


Personal Insurance – it’s about making plans and protecting them

We all have our hopes and dreams – but life comes with no guarantees.

So it’s important to have a back-up plan for when things don’t quite go the way you’d want them to. And that’s where insurance comes in.

Here at Thorners, we’re specialists in providing quality personal insurance tailored to your needs. We’ll help you get the right policy in place so the things and people you care about most are financially protected and provided for, whatever happens in life. We’ll also explain your options in easy-to-understand terms so you know exactly how they fit with your personal goals and budget.

Life’s what you make it.


Thinking about insurance? Ask yourself…

  • Who depends on you? If you were to die unexpectedly, would your family or business be left with insurmountable debts? Who’d pay the mortgage or cover the cost of your children’s education?
  • Could your family or business survive if you were sick or injured for any length of time? Serious illnesses such as heart attacks, stroke and cancer are more common than many people think. Who’d pay the bills while you recover?
  • What if you were permanently disabled? Not only could it end your career, you may also need to cover the cost of home and lifestyle changes. And what of your family’s future?


A personal insurance plan can:

  • Provide a financial safety net, so you don’t have to dip into hard-earned savings, or sell assets.
  • Give you the time you need to make a full recovery
  • Allow your dependants to look ahead with some degree of certainty, even if you are no longer there for them.


Things you need to consider include:

Short term: How to support your dependants, maintain your current lifestyle, pay medical costs and any other immediate and unexpected expenses.

Long term: How to reduce or eliminate long-term debt, provide an ongoing income and cover the cost of your children’s education.

Inevitably: How to pay for funerals and cover estate administration and other legal costs.


Choose from a flexible range of personal insurance products:

Life: Helps to protect your family, business or financial commitments should the worst happen. Payment options include:

  • Lump sum: One lump sum payment, or
  • Family protection: A monthly payment to your family for a period nominated by you

Trauma: Helps cover your medical treatment, rehabilitation costs, or expenses if you suffer a serious illness or injury. There are two types of trauma cover available:

  • Living Assurance: Pays a lump sum if you suffer one of over 40 critical medical conditions, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.
  • Progressive Care: Covers a wide range of illnesses across 5 specified areas – Heart & Arteries, Cancer, Brain & Nerves, Loss of Function, other Health Events. Payments are linked to the severity of your medical condition – the more serious it is, the larger the payment could be. And cover continues so you can get paid out more than once.

Total Permanent Disablement: Can help to cover medical costs, improve access to your home, or ensure your business survives.

  • Pays a lump sum if you become permanently disabled through illness and injury and are unable to ever work again.

Income Protection: Protects your greatest asset – your ability to earn.

  • Pays a monthly sum if you can’t work because of illness or injury.

Private Health: Can provide access to faster medical treatment whether you need diagnostic scans, surgery or ongoing help with recovery.

  • The optional Best Doctors service can also provide access to a worldwide network of medical experts.

NB: These descriptions of benefits are summaries only. For more information about cover and conditions, please refer to policy wordings. Terms and exclusions may apply.


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