Business Insurance

Successful businesses plan ahead.

Running a successful business is never a matter of good luck, it’s a matter of good management. That’s why managing your business insurance is so important.  Business insurance anticipates the unexpected, then puts a strategy in place to best protect your business in case of loss. Ask anyone who has ever had to make a claim on their business insurance; the financial resources it provides can be the difference between moving forward positively, or not.


Hardworking business insurance

Every business is unique, and we’ll always treat yours that way, so whether you’re a sole trader or a corporate entity, we’ll invest time to understand your needs and the challenges you face. You’ll get personalised, friendly, and professional service from our highly-experienced advisors who’ll discuss your options in easy to understand language.


Every insurance for every business

We’re an Insurance Hub with all types of insurance under the one roof. So, you’ll find everything you need for your business – from cover for property loss and damage to assets, to insurance for your business’s biggest asset – you, and the people you rely on. The Thorner Advantage means you get:

  • Quality advice across all insurance sectors
  • Access to the best policies from multiple companies
  • Instant service
  • One point of contact for all your insurances
  • Claim support when you need it.
  • People who understand your business


Our team are knowledgeable in all aspects of business insurance, including:

Material Damage – cover for buildings, plant, contents etc for accidental and sudden loss or damage.

Business Interruption – cover following a Material loss for protection against the consequential reduction of turnover, loss of rent, increased costs of working etc.

Contract Works – covers new builds or renovations against physical loss or damage and as an option, to cover liability arising in connection with the contract works.

Fidelity Insurance – protects the company against financial loss suffered through the fraudulent or dishonest act of its employees.

Machinery Breakdown – covers breakdown risks. Material Damage policies normally exclude these risks.


Business Liabilities:

Public Liability -Legal Liability cover for your business, for property damage or personal injury to third party property.

Statutory Liability – cover for an unintentional breach of the law where you could face criminal prosecutions, which could lead to a fine.

Employers Liability – protects against claims brought by employees for personal injuries that are not covered by ACC.

Professional Indemnity – covers legal liability incurred by giving negligent advice or through a breach of professional duty. Cover includes associated defence costs.

Employers Disputes – to cover damages and costs arising out of certain employment related disputes such as wrongful termination, harassment, and discrimination. Cover includes associated defence costs.

Directors and Officers – to cover directors and others against liability they might incur in carrying out the duties of a company director. The insurance will also reimburse the company where it has already indemnified its directors for such liability. Cover includes associated defence costs.

Trustees Liability – to cover trustees for personal liability arising from a breach of their fiduciary duties and to reimburse the trust when it has provided an indemnity to the trustees. Cover includes associated defence costs.

Association Liability – to cover those engaged in community or industry associations who might be held personally liable for mistakes, errors or omissions whilst undertaking their duties for the association.

Cyber Liability – to protect businesses and individual users from internet-based risks, and more generally from risks relating to information technology infrastructure and activities.


Transportation Risks:

Carriers Liability – to cover liability under the Carriage of Goods Act.

Marine Cargo – to cover shipments of goods by land, sea, or air.

Marine Hulls – to cover watercraft against physical loss or damage.


Miscellaneous Risks:

Credit Insurance and Trade Debtors – to cover the risk of trade debtors failing to pay debts due to their insolvency or protracted default.

Forest – a special form of insurance for forests. Material Damage policies do not cover standing timber.

Farm and Livestock – a special form of cover for farms and livestock.

Corporate Travel Insurance – insure yourself or staff when travelling overseas on business.


Customer duty of disclosure
The insurance process requires that you tell us about anything you know, or ought to know, that may affect the decision of a prudent insurer about whether to accept your insurance, or renew your policy, and if so, on what terms. If you have not disclosed all material information, or if you have misrepresented that information, then an insurer is entitled to cancel the policy retrospectively from the beginning.
In simple terms, please tell us about any convictions, traffic offences and claims or other material information and keep us informed, so we can make sure your policies are valid at all times.


For a personal discussion about your business insurance requirements, simply click here to email us, or call us on (04) 528 8088.