Cover with Sovereign

Things in life are always changing so we want to make it easy for you to ensure that your insurance is keeping up with your lifestyle.

If you’ve recently had a major life event, like having a baby, getting married or buying a house, insurance cover might be one of the last things on your mind. But now is the right time to make sure that you have enough cover as life changing events can increase your financial responsibilities.

If you suddenly couldn’t work, it could really turn things upside down for you and your family. This is when having the right amount of cover is crucial. Sovereign’s Special Events Increase Facility helps you take charge of your financial future by topping  up your Life Cover or Living Assurance for each life event by up to 50% of the original amount, to a maximum of $250,000, without having to provide any further medical information.

Increasing your cover is simple, especially if you have experienced one of the following major life events in the past 12 months:

  • Having a child (by birth or legal adoption)
  • Getting married or entering into a civil union
  • Getting divorced or the dissolution of a civil union
  • Supporting a dependent child through tertiary education
  • Taking out or increasing your home loan because you have purchased a new home or investment property, a holiday home, or a section*
  • Taking on the full-time care or payment for long term care of a close relative
  • Your spouse or de facto partner has passed away
  • Have had a salary increase (of 10% or more, provided the increase is at least $20,000 per annum).


So is your insurance cover keeping up with you?  If you would like to increase your cover by taking advantage of Sovereign’s Special Events Increase Facility, or if you have any questions regarding your policy, contact Denis today on 04 528 8088 or We will help you understand what the right amount of cover is for you and show you just how easy it is to increase your insurance cover after a special event in your life.