Life and Medical Insurance Disclosure at Application Stage

Many of us  rush through the Life or Medical Insurance application form without considering the content of the medical history questions.  To our detriment at claim time , the insurer may find a history of non disclosed medical issues and either declines the claim, excludes the condition being claimed for or just cancels the policy due to non disclosure.

The major areas of non-disclosure are:-

Skin Conditions (acne, eczema, dermatitis and lesions);

Ear, Nose and Throat (tonsolitis and recurrent ear infections particularly with children or during childhood)

Breast Conditions (Lumps, mastitis and inflamation)

Cancers and Tumours (any history of cancer or tumours and lesions even if diagnosed as benign must be disclosed)

Musco-skeletal (any spine, knee or hip issues)

Bowel Disorders ( Hemorrhoids, IBS and colitis)

Elevated Blood Pressure and Lipids (Anything regarding blood pressure and cholesterol)

Mental health ( Post natal depression or use of aropax etc)

Female Genito-urinary Tract

Many of these can be quite personal or embarassing and Insurers offer a confidential service to report/disclose these directly to the underwriter rather than discussing them with your adviser.

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