P Labs and rental properties

Tenanted properties make up the majority of the P-labs in New Zealand and the innocent property owners are often unaware of any damage until well after manufacturing has ceased and the tenants have moved on.

The clean up is time consuming and can be extremely costly with the property often uninhabitable for some time.  The clean up can involve removal of items including benches and sinks, baths, stoves, wall paper and linings, carpet and drapes and even soil and septic tanks.

Usually contamination damage is identified during Police investigations but a regular thorough landlord property inspection can lessen the risk and subsequent damage from methamphetamine manufacture.

Some insurers now have specific clauses relating to the regularity of property inspections and adherance is required to help validate any claims.

Talk to us if you own a rental or are responsible for managing rental properties to ensure the insurance cover is adequate and that you are adhering to the policy requirements.

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