Private Health vs Public Health System

Why private medical cover?

  • In 2015/16 of the 280,000 people requiring elective surgery, 170,000 (more than 60%) did not even qualify to join the queue for public treatment.
  • The split of people entering the hospital for treatment were Accident (18.2%) vs. Illness (81.8%). So the answer that ACC will cover me is not a reality for many.

Waiting times: The average length of time from the first GP referral to surgery

Why Non-Pharmac?
With 250+ Kiwis getting diagnosed with cancer a day, and 90% of non-pharmac drugs being for cancer, why wouldn’t you want access to the best possible chemotherapy treatment?
Sovereigns Private Health policy has a $300,000 end-to-end cancer care benefit.

Claims Experience
The client is much more likely to receive a benefit from this policy earlier compared to Life Cover.
Example: 30 year old male.

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