Protecting your Assets

You’ve worked hard to grow your assets so it makes sense to ensure they’re protected should disaster strike! In an increasingly complex insurance landscape it pays to talk to someone who understands the issues, can access a large variety of insurance products and services, who will negotiate with insurers on your behalf in setting up insurance cover and provide assistance if you need to claim.


  Question Answer
1. Are you comfortable that you know exactly how much cover you need on all your assets? Yes/No
2. Are you confident you can recognise a secure and stable insurer? Yes/No
3. Do you review your insurance regularly to make sure there aren’t any gaps in your insurance programme? Yes/No
4. We don’t all fit into a size 8 shoe! Are you confident your current insurer really understands your specific requirements? Yes/No


Whether it’s your business, house, contents, car, motorcycle, camper, boat (to name but a few things we do) we can help with your insurance requirements. If you would like to know more call us on (04) 528 8088 or email for a no obligation consultation.