KiwiSaver has recently had a second birthday that celebrated over 1,100,500 members.  Of these people 52% were female and only 18% of the total membership were aged 55 plus. Employee deductions in June 2009 amounted to $62,477,285 and for the Continue Reading 
Those KiwiSaver members who have contributed less than $1,042 in the year since 1 July may miss out on maximising their Member Tax Credits. As you know, provided the member is aged over 18, the Government will match their contributions for the Continue Reading 
The continued growth in KiwiSaver saw membership reach 900,509 members at 31 December 2009 with 51% being females. Nearly half opted in via a provider of their choice with 35% going to one of the default funds due to lack of personal choice. Of Continue Reading 
Changes approved by the Government today are attributed to making the KiwiSaver scheme affordable for tax payers, members and employers. There have been no changes to these Kiwisaver provisions… The $1,000 kick start payment will not Continue Reading 
Thinking about whether to take advantage of the Mortgage Diversion facility available through Kiwisaver?  Before making any decision, there are some things to consider. After contributing to Kiwisaver for 12 months, you can apply for Mortgage Continue Reading