Changes approved by the Government today are attributed to making the KiwiSaver scheme affordable for tax payers, members and employers. There have been no changes to these Kiwisaver provisions… The $1,000 kick start payment will not Continue Reading 
Thinking about whether to take advantage of the Mortgage Diversion facility available through Kiwisaver?  Before making any decision, there are some things to consider. After contributing to Kiwisaver for 12 months, you can apply for Mortgage Continue Reading 
After just one year of KiwiSaver some amazing membership statistics are… 673,942 members at the end of June 2008; 429,621 opted in via an employer or provider; 244,321 automatically enrolled; 27% of members are under 25 years of age; The Continue Reading 
KiwiSaver Mortgage Diversion is almost with us.  Many KiwiSaver members become eligible after contributing for 12 months and final sign off by the Bank’s and Government is expected shortly. Mortgage Diversion will allow up to half of a Continue Reading