Five Benefits Of Having Health Insurance

Your health is critical to the quality of your life, especially the ability to earn, and you can’t always predict what health issues may occur in the future.

Having a health insurance policy can give you the security of knowing protection is in place and that options are available if you experience health issues.

Key benefits of having cover now are…

1  You have a greater choice of where, when and how you get treated, in consultation with your doctor or specialist.

2  Avoiding long delays in waiting for treatment in the public health system.

3  Access to the latest technology and recognised medical procedures.

4  No added stress and worry about how to pay for health bills, especially for laprascopic surgery.

5  Cover now for many unknown health issues that may arise in the future.

There is no time like the present to review ypur circumstances as those who delay often develop health issues that can potentially become exclusions on your new health policy.

Don’t find you require elective surgery which places you in a queue – it could be as simple as removal of a cancerous tumour or a hip or knee replacement all of which are not seen as urgent by our DHB’s. Many minor ailments could prevent you from earning.

Get a quote or have your current cover reviewed today.


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