Sentinel Lifetime Loan interest rate drops – January 2009

WOW, The Sentinel Lifetime Loan interest rate has dropped to 8.35% which is almost an all time low.  there hasn’t been a better time to reconsider a Sentinel Loan as an option to improve your retirement cashflow. Rates are subject to review so check witrh us to get todays rate.

The downward interest rate has certainly proved a stimulus to rethink the recent financial doom.  Many of our retired clients have rethought their priorities since the downward interest rate spiral and have focussed on looking after themselves and their ongoing health and welfare again.

You may be surprised to know the most common use of funds continues to be clearing outstanding accounts, particularly credit cards or existing mortgages, or to attend to ongoing home maintenance, especially repainting or upgrading heating systems before winter.

We would be happy to discuss your financial options if you are retired, own a home and have a need to obtain some additional cashflow. All discussions are confidential.

Check with us to get the current interest rate as all interest rates are subject to change.

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