Rates Rebate Scheme increases rebates and extends eligibility criteria

The Rates Rebate Scheme operated by the Department of Internal Affairs through local councils provides rates relief for low income homeowners.

The maximum rebate for the 2008/09 rating year has been increased to $530 for those earning $21,180 and the allowance increases by $500 for each dependant in the household.  Homeowners earning less than $21,180 qualify and those earning more may qualify for a reduced amount.  A table of rebates for homeowners without dependants is available to view at http://www.thorner.co.nz/resources/thorners-finance-links/   and those with dependants need to contact their local council to obtain amounts available to them.

Ratepayers need to apply each year by completing an application form available from their local council or the link section of our website http://www.thorner.co.nz/resources/thorners-finance-links/